Healthy Life

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Health Tips

Throughout our lives, our bodies are exposed to diseases, accidents, and various circumstances that can cause discomfort or even seriously compromise our health. At the University of Navarra Clinic, we are here to help you avoid these risks. We offer advice on quitting smoking, sleeping better, caring for pregnancy, postural exercises, home and car safety tips, fall prevention for the elderly, and more.

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Mind and Health

Illness and suffering are realities we all face throughout our lives. It's easy to be happy when things are going well; the challenge is finding happiness amidst setbacks.

We're not just talking about when we are in good health, but also when difficulties and daily frustrations arise. People who can manage these situations through a positive attitude maintain their health intact.

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Health and Nutrition

Proper nutrition that is varied and balanced is the foundation of good health. Each life stage has its specific needs, and it is important to know which foods are most suitable for each, as well as what they provide to our bodies. Our professionals will advise you on the type of diet most suitable for your situation: whether you have cancer, are an athlete, are elderly, a newborn, or a nursing mother. We also provide information on the properties of each food, their vitamins, diets, etc.

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Health and Sports

Engaging in sports is a great ally for health, but the exercise must be tailored to each individual: according to their age, physical condition, etc. Moreover, it should be performed with appropriate footwear and clothing. Our professionals will guide you on how to properly choose a sport and on how to recover after practicing it. If you have suffered a heart attack, we will advise you on the exercises you can do. We work to help you achieve optimal quality of life.