Cancer Early Detection Programs

Specific programs aimed at the prevention and early detection of various diseases

Lung Cancer and Tobacco Early Detection Program

Almost 20 years ago, the Clinic implemented for the first time in Spain the Early Detection of Lung Cancer Program, with the aim of reducing mortality and improving survival in this tumor.

Imagen con pacientes con el lazo rosa. Cáncer de mama

Breast Cancer Early Detection Program

When breast cancer is detected at an early stage, the chances of cure increase. It is important to comply with screening and perform breast self-examination on a monthly basis.

Colorectal Cancer Early Detection Program

We have a Colorectal Cancer Prevention and High Risk Consultation Unit to determine genetic predisposition and to determine the possibility of patients' relatives contracting the tumor disease and, if so, to provide them with the appropriate follow-up to avoid it.

Prostate Cancer Early Detection Program

The objective of the diagnostic tests is the early detection of prostate cancer and, in this way, to guarantee a high percentage of cure with minimum adverse effects.