Remote Second Opinion in Oncology

The peace of mind that comes with knowing
Would you like to have your case evaluated by our specialists?   

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If you have a second opinion started and you have documentation pending to send us.

Remote second opinion from our experienced professionals specialised in oncological problems.

Without leaving your home, within a maximum of 3 days, you will be able to obtain the expert opinion of our professionals.

*Except in cases of high complexity

Peace of mind
Access to the most advanced precision cancer therapies.

Team assessment
A multidisciplinary team of experts in each type of tumour will study your case in a personalised manner.  

Over 50 years of leadership in cancer care and research.

La Clínica Universidad de Navarra se encuentra, según la revista Newsweek, entre los 100 mejores hospitales del mundo.

Best private hospital in Spain according to the MRS and among the 80 best in the world according to Newsweek.

*The process will start once the patient submits the complete documentation and has made the payment.

Who it is aimed at?

Newly diagnosed cancer patients who wish to learn about currently available treatments and advanced alternative therapies.

Patients who have doubts about the effectiveness of the diagnosis or treatment, or about the effects on the patient's quality of life.

Why request a Second Opinion?

  • You will be able to rely on the medical opinion of our oncologists, with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases, with the aim of minimising the risk of incorrect diagnosis.
  • You will learn about the most advanced precision therapies against cancer.

What is the cost of the Second Opinion?


Second Opinion  ................................ 580 €

Promotional price* .................. 465 €

*Price reduced due to the launch of the new Second Opinion programme.


Free face-to-face

The Clinic boasts the groundbreaking technology and hosts all the medical departments and the best professionals in the same centre, which facilitates the speed and accuracy of the diagnosis.
If you wish, the second opinion request includes a free face-to-face consultation with the patient and oncologist.

*The consultation will be free of charge up to 3 months after the request for the second opinion.

What is the Second Opinion Consultation process like?

Application, payment and uploading of documentation through the form

Preliminary study by our specialists

If any information needs to be completed, we will contact you.

Interdisciplinary medical assessment by our oncology team

Videoconsultation or telephone consultation with your physician and sending of report

If you wish, the request for a second opinion includes a face-to-face consultation with the specialist

What documentation is required?

In order to get a Second Opinion at the Clinic it is ONLY necessary that you send us this information.

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Last medical report issued by your specialist

Detailing your personal and family history, medical-surgical aspects, toxic habits, current medication and summarizing the diagnosis/clinical judgment, the evolution of your disease and the treatments proposed and/or received.

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Images of the latest diagnostic tests

In DICOM format, send us the latest CT, PET, MRI, as well as the latest analytical tests or relevant biopsies you have.

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Identification document

You must attach an image of your ID card or passport.
In case the patient is a minor or his/her legal guardian, an image of the document proving the status of parent/guardian (ID card of the minor or family book).

Over 50 years at the forefront in the field of personalised cancer medicine

More than 50 professionals working in a multidisciplinary manner

We have a team of professionals of recognised prestige, with accredited healthcare and research activity in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

Dr. Antonio González Martín
Director of the Department of Medical Oncology
Expert in Gynaecological Tumours and Breast Cancer

Dr. Javier Rodríguez Rodríguez
Co-Director of the Department of Medical Oncology
Expert in Digestive Tract Tumors

Dr. Felipe Calvo
Co-Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology
Expert in Precision Radiotherapy and Proton Therapy

Dr. Rafael Martínez-Monge
Co-Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology
Expert in gynecological tumours, prostate, sarcomas and head and neck tumors