Research areas

Functional collaboration of multidisciplinary scientific teams working with a translational approach in the integral approach to diseases.

Disease-oriented research areas

We develop cutting-edge research, clinical trials and treatments based on the latest technology and evidence available.

Gynecological cancer research area

Breast cancer research area

Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer research area

<p>Laboratorio PET GMP&nbsp;</p>

Neuro-oncology, sarcomas and pediatric tumors research area

<p>Laboratorio Terapia Celular&nbsp;</p>

Onco-Hematology Research Area

<p>TAC pulmon&nbsp;</p>

Respiratory tract tumor research area

<p>Imagen personal investigador de la Cl&iacute;nica&nbsp;</p>

Liver and digestive tumors research area

<p>Quir&oacute;fano experimental</p>

Urological tumor research area

Treatment-oriented research areas

Immunotherapy and advanced therapies area

Radiobiomedicine Area

Palliative Medicine Area

Chemical therapies area