Urological Cancer Area

"Thanks to the clinical trials, new treatments are being developed, the immunomodulatory antibodies, which are showing quite promising efficacy in patients where previous treatments have failed".


The Urological Cancer Area of the Cancer Center Clinica Universidad de Navarra is made up of professionals from different specialties, of recognized prestige, dedicated to the care of patients with kidney, bladder, urinary tract and testicular tumors.

Our goal is to offer patients excellent and individualized care. To achieve this, we rely on our professionals, leaders in their respective areas: urologists, medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nuclear physicians, geneticists and specialized nurses.

The multidisciplinary approach, especially in early and intermediate stage tumors, in which there are several effective therapeutic alternatives, allows us to personalize the treatment of each patient, putting at their service the most advanced knowledge and technical means of each specialty.

Research, both clinical and translational, is another fundamental objective of the Area, with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of these tumors.

We offer our patients clinical trials that give them access to the most innovative treatments, including specific drugs and new immunotherapy combinations, long before they are available for routine use.

We have translational research lines oriented to the search for specific biomarkers of urological tumors that allow the characterization of the clinical evolution of patients through the study of biological samples. To this end, we collaborate closely with researchers at the Cima Universidad de Navarra.


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Advanced diagnosis and treatment for genitourinary tumours


Advanced treatments for better care


Surgical treatment

We have the most advanced surgical resources, including robotic surgery, to offer the most appropriate techniques for each case, such as partial nephrectomy for localized renal cancer, which avoids the need for a complete kidney resection.

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Radiation Therapy Treatment

We utilize state-of-the-art radiation therapy equipment that enables conservative treatment for deep bladder tumors, avoiding the need to remove the bladder.

Proton Therapy

The most effective and precise form of external radiation therapy that preserves the surrounding healthy abdominal tissues, minimizing side effects.

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High precision and resolution

We are the most experienced and the unique centre that systematically uses magnetic resonance imaging and transperineal biopsies with image fusion for a fast and accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer. As a result, we are able to customise treatments through robotic surgery, focal therapy or radiotherapy in its different modes, with the aim of achieving cure while reducing adverse effects.

Bladder cancer

At the Clinic we have developed an advanced multidisciplinary bladder preservation programme for patients with muscle-infiltrating bladder cancer, with the purpose of improving their quality of life without compromising success in their cure.

Kidney cancer

We offer minimally invasive treatments of the tumour with percutaneous ablative techniques (electroporation, microwaves or radiofrequency) or conservative surgeries (lumpectomy, partial nephrectomy) by pure laparoscopy or robot-assisted with the aim of conserving as much renal tissue as possible.

Renal Lithiasis

We carry out an immediate diagnosis and we have all the minimally invasive treatment options currently available to solve renal lithiasis within a maximum of 1 week.

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Our team of professionals

Wealth of experience in the development of advanced therapies against urological tumors

Research against
genitourinary tumors

We develop research projects on diagnosis and treatment of urological cancer together with researchers from the Cima Universidad de Navarra.

Participation in these trials provides patients with new possibilities by allowing access to the latest therapeutic advances.